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Do you have your insurance agent’s cell phone number? With my agency you will!

House fires, and car accidents don’t happen between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday. Wouldn’t you rather speak to your agent than someone at 1800Farmers? Here at my agency, I pride myself on service so our office phone rings in both of our locations, regardless of the number you’re calling. AND after hours there’s an option to dial my personal cell phone in the event you have an emergency!



Home insurance is required by your mortgage company.  If you don’t have a mortgage, then chances are no one is forcing you to carry home insurance.  Whether you have a mortgage or not, it is a good idea to carry home insurance. The Midwest is prone to wind and hail storms.  At our agency, we’re happy to work with [...]


Auto insurance is a type of insurance that is mandated by state law in Iowa and Minnesota.  All drivers are required to carry minimum limits of at least $20,000/$40,000/$15,000 in Iowa and $20,000/ in Minnesota.  Our agency encourages drivers to carry auto limits that are higher than the state requires due to the earning potential and assets of [...]


Life Insurance is by far the most important product we offer at Lezlie Boetel Pohlman Insurance Agency, LLC.  We are here to make sure a tragic accident doesn’t turn into a financial burden.  The largest hit a family can take, both emotionally and financially is losing the life of a family member.  We have many products available to [...]


Business owners have risks that the general public doesn’t have.  Many business owners only think about general liability coverage, although there’s a number of different types of business insurance that business owners should be aware of.  It’s important that you speak with a trained professional who can help you navigate the types of business insurance. General Liability:  A [...]


At Lezlie Boetel Pohlman Insurance Agency, LLC, we love to insure your toys!  What do we mean by toys? We mean all of those fun things in your life like boats, personal watercrafts, motorcycles, travel trailers, ATVs, golf carts, mopeds, RVs, snowmobiles, antique cars and much much more.  Oftentimes people forget to insure these types of risks, but [...]


We insure Primary residences, Seasonal residences and Secondary homes! This is a must for our local tourism. Our Agency also insures Landlord and Rental Properties and Vacant Properties. Our Rental Property policies provide physical loss of the property, replacement cost or actual cash value, coverage for vandalism, and loss of rents to name a few.   Not everyone [...]


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