Project Description

Life Insurance is by far the most important product we offer at Lezlie Boetel Pohlman Insurance Agency, LLC.  We are here to make sure a tragic accident doesn’t turn into a financial burden.  The largest hit a family can take, both emotionally and financially is losing the life of a family member.  We have many products available to help a grieving family replace income, pay for final expenses, leave a legacy or solve estate tax problems.  We offer term insurance policies as low as $150,000 in coverage and up to multi millions in coverage.  We also offer various forms of whole life insurance, with death benefits as low as $5,000 and up to any amount you potentially require.   Purchasing a life insurance policy should be an easy process.  We pride ourselves in being convenient.  If you require an exam, we will gladly send out an examiner to your home or business. All policies can be policies can be fully applied for over the phone with one of our agents.  Call us today to get your life insurance policy today.